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Other facilities

1. VMK 1800 furnace: The main functions: Programing the annealing plans, the maximum operating temperature 1500OC.


2.  VMK 1400 furnace: the maximum operating temperature 1000OC


3. Drying oven :the maximum operating temperature 200OC with low vacuum.


 lo say chan khong_200doc

4. Vacuum tube furnace : the maximum operating temperature 1000OC with low vacuum.


 lo nung chan ko_1300doc

5. Ceramic Grinding instrument : using to prepare caramic sputtering target

 may nghien bot

may nghien bot_2

6. Mix powder instrument:

 may tron bot

7. hydraulic press: use for pressing ceramic target with the maximun force of 170 ton.

 may ep dinh hinh vat lieu

8. Polishing machines :

 may mai bia

9. Ultrasonic cleaning machine:

 may rua may bang sieu am

10. Cutting machine:

may cat lam thuy tinh